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Little Explorers Early Years Pedagogy


We have developed a warm, nurturing and positive relationship with children, parents, carers and a professional relationship with outside agencies. Here at Little Explorers we appreciate ‘Attachment’ styles. At Little Explorers we support the child in finding the correct key worker that the child has bonded with, giving the child and member of staff support and strategies to help settle/transition the child in a way that provides positive attachment styles.


Children at Little Explorers are able to voice their contributions knowing peers and early educators will listen and value them. Staff are excellent role models to extend language development.

Cultural Capital

We provide learning opportunities to support cultural capital by allowing children in our care to access experiences from the world around them.

A Safe Environment

Being an open plan nursery Little Explorers are able to adapt to meet children’s interests and needs, children are encouraged to access both child initiated and adult guided activities which are low and easy to access.


We value previous experiences to enhance and challenge children’s skills and development. Our curriculum is set specifically for children to thrive in the environment, surrounded by experienced early years educators providing a vast range of activities for all abilities, children are able to make connections in their learning.

Learning Behaviour

Children at Little Explorers are independent and confident learners who are equipped with various resources to help them excel and succeed. Children are able to meet learning styles, development needs and challenge their learning.